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Cartela is so much a part of Hobart's history that for a time she became invisible.  There, but no longer noticed.  In 2012 the owners of Cartela took a painful decision, that although Cartela was deeply loved, she no longer fitted within a modern ferry operation.  She needed to move aside for more modern machinery.  Sale to another operator was possible but not palatable.  Her chances of longer term surviving were slim in that scenario.

A more courageous decision was taken.  Donation to the people whom she had supported for over a century, the people of Tasmania, via a charitable trust.  An unencumbered gift to an entity charged with restoring her, and then supporting this entity until it had the resources to support itself and the vessel.  SteamShip Cartela Trust was created and crafted a plan to use the restoration to implement a training program for shipwrights, cementing Tasmania as the national centre for timber maritime craftsmen.  

This charity's intent is to return Cartela to full operation as a working steamship on the picturesque waters of Southern Tasmania, drawing additional visitor numbers to this state.  Her restoration program having kick started renewed vigour in the timber boat-building industry.

Join us in realising this ambition.

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