Restoration Progress

Progress on the Plenty Engine

A big thank you to the Tasmanian Community Fund who have provided the majority of funds to date towards the refurbishment of the Plenty & Sons steam engine.  This sub-project is forecast to cost in total $270,000 to return this heart of the Cartela to full health.  We are well aware it is not enough to get this engine working again.  It needs to be every bit as strong as the day it was first installed in Cartela.

As Cartela will return to a punishing every day work schedule, we are conscious that we cannot build in any reliability limitations on Cartela's future use.  This engine needs to be reliable and strong.  To this end we will build it around a brand new roller bearing crankshaft, though outward appearances it will be as original.  Saunders and Ward Engineering in Kingston are doing a fabulous job rejuvenating this iconic relic and setting it up for another 100 years of hopefully trouble free operation.

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  • Brian Withers 11/02/2017 7:03pm (5 years ago)

    Live just down the road from the old Plenty site. No longer doing marine engines I'm afraid. The Newbury Diesel Co was a spin off of Plenty&Co and that is what my website is about. Just a labour of love for our forgotten heritage. There is still an old Plenty Engine similar to yours but only two cylinder sitting in the roadside, commemorating Plenty's. Nice to know that it is still happening there.

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