What's Your (S.S.Cartela) Story?

Be part of history and submit your S.S.Cartela story.

The S.S.Cartela has played host to thousands of functions and celebrations over her 100 years of service - not to mention her stint as a patrol vessel for the Royal Australian Navy.

The long period and varied types of service has meant that many people have a worthy and memorable ‘S.S.Cartela story’.

While few may remember the drama of Christmas day, 1926, when the S.S.Cartela collided with the S.S.Togo in an unofficial race, many can tell stories of meeting their life partners, or brief shipboard romances. Fishing parties, or dinner cruises.  Whether watching the yachts off the Iron Pot, or the autumn colours near New Norfolk. The days that went well.  The days that didn't.  

As part of the restoration project we are collecting notable stories and aim to publish them in a book. If you have an S.S.Cartela story, and/or photograph, send us an email or send it - snail mail - to:

S.S.Cartela Trust
PO Box 511
Hobart TAS 7001